Session 0: Desk, Sep 12 2022

There were 222 calls on this day. 7 of those calls have been interpreted as prompts, minted, and offered for sale to the original prompter for the cost of materials and labor.

Token Id: 0
Dial Id: 72
Computer Fire!
Token Id: 1
Dial Id: 133
Speculative Piano
Token Id: 2
Dial Id: 70
Blue. Red. Yellow.
Token Id: 3
Dial Id: 14
Sugary Sweet Mochi
Token Id: 4
Dial Id: 20
Never Trust Atoms
Token Id: 5
Dial Id: 34
Beauty in a Tight Place
Token Id: 6
Dial Id: 60
Rose that Grew from Concrete

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Call Log

TX Id Timestamp
0xe1651..  Not home. Leave a message!
0x5dc54..  Touched by void, I am who I am: The Lunatic, the Lover, and the Poet
0x32eb9..  Hello, what is this
0x7d667..  In 1920s Lazlo Nagy claimed to have created Telephone Pictures by transmitting voice instructions to a local enamel factory via telephone
0xc5929..  The first user curated generative mathematical dick pick NFT deemed to be MoMa material by the US government
0x4cf25..  how do i get an nft from this sers
0x00068..  Hello, this is Gary Gensler. Is this a Security? Please provide proof of insecurity via mail, and attach amazon gift card for delivery kkthx
0xe36d9..  Hello!!!!
0xead4a..  Is that working?
0xb26f6..  the limitations are limitless
0x79ab6..  10  hello
0x39fd4..  11  Watch out below, A maple leaf grew tired of its home. Sailing in the afterglow
0xd385f..  12  I Love Generative Art
0x8a69d..  13  Art is something the liberates the soul. Power on Deafbeef
0x9e0dd..  14  a sugary sweet mochi with dark glossy gumdrops for eyes
0xbb466..  15  id like a dope ass beat with some pepe on the side
0xedcbc..  16  henlo, is this the blockchain ?
0x6cc02..  17  calling
0xb1110..  18  Thank you Lord
0xa3c78..  19  winning
0x04753..  20  Never trust atoms; they make up everything.
0x16e00..  21  BEEF-E (Payphone) is a human intelligence model* that generates art from any prompt you give!** Or just call to say hi.
0x523b8..  22  astral cars
0x1235d..  23  dialup
0xbb593..  24  fuck
0xd8b56..  25  10-1-2022
0x3ee53..  26  CryptoPunks will rule the world.
0xe60e4..  27  Hello World!
0x5565c..  28  AST Spacemobile
0xba977..  29  HELLOOOO
0xbb51f..  30  gimme sum fat deafbeef with a side of keks
0xb4eeb..  31  lfg
0x81107..  32  Merge Implosion
0x28704..  33  faces of infinity in state of nirvana
0x354e2..  34  HI! Can you show me beauty in a tight place?
0xdf552..  35  Hi, this is dame.eth, thanks for taking my call
0x939c4..  36  grail
0x836fd..  37  gm gm
0xa759b..  38  I am SHL0MS
0x4c278..  39  beef beef beef beef beef beef beef beef beef beef beef beef
0x33786..  40  Ola Dear DeafBeef! Greetings from Toronto, the 6!
0x3e962..  41  Mr. Watson – Come here – I want to see you.
0xfc612..  42  From your favorite Zappa, It's better to have something to remember than anything to regret
0x5a0a0..  43  yoyo
0xd37b8..  44  Good Mythical Morning
0x47e9d..  45  column dimension hair coverage tape traffic thin tail fare fee champagne distributor height language warning urge coal truth square prayer
0xfb044..  46  mohawk
0x4bf73..  47  in another life
0x06267..  48  baffled by the poor handling of iphones rendering art
0xf73fa..  49  whyyyyy
0x5372a..  50  Life is too short to not have fun; we are only here for a short time compared to the sun and the moon and all that
0xb4b37..  52  What good is a phone call...if you are unable to speak?
0x3556d..  53  nfts are an entertaining ponzi
0x00d6e..  54  clock ticking
0xecea9..  55  trolloololololo wahhhahahahahhaaaa
0x77bc2..  56  Hi gas station, if you hear this, let me know
0x3b6e0..  57  self fuss count jury bear chance pudding loud combine arise performance sense preparation drown minimum up prison dance shiver bell
0xcf6d3..  58  Are we alone?
0xf5bfd..  59  This is now my favorite form of communication
0x5c4fa..  60  Long live the rose that grew from concrete when no one else even cared
0xe1c24..  61  I love you.
0xfc672..  62  The line is busy
0x75f48..  63  Any last words?
0x80c05..  64  mikemikemike rulez!
0xfa982..  65  Ringers
0xaf95f..  66  alien jesus
0x77c26..  67  which way western man?
0x523e2..  68  Is your refrigerator running? Well, you better go catch it!
0x09eda..  69  Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you
0xc5a9b..  70  Blue. Red. Yellow. Blue. Red. Yellow. Blue. Red. Yellow. Blue. Red. Yellow
0x1895d..  71  the spice must flow
0x64332..  72  Computer Fire!
0xfaaf4..  73  Mikemikemike rulez!!
0x20cd2..  74  If you got a call from yourself from the future would you answer?
0x8adec..  75  diamond ring but gothic af
0xf2b0f..  76  Arcus by Rik Oostenbroek
0x8a67b..  77  earth reviving after human extinction in the style of ralph steadman
0xb0bc7..  78  I need a dust filter for a Hoover Max Extract Pressure Pro Model 60.
0x44d56..  79  HACK THE WORLD!!
0x93649..  80  make me a one of one and send it to my wallet for free
0x92be2..  81  PHONE PHREAKZ FTW!
0x4d679..  82  The first low effort conceptual art NFT redeemable for mobile phone minutes.
0x4064f..  83  dragon made of diamonds emerging from a green tinted ocean photorealistic
0xde117..  84  love this idea
0xf2460..  85  1337
0xb9e7d..  86  XCOPY
0x52b82..  87  analog dreams
0x961f5..  88  “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” – Mark Twain
0xcb7aa..  89  yo sup?
0x7253f..  90  devil in valhalla
0xafae6..  91  up only
0x930c2..  92  yo sup
0x110bd..  93  NFTs are dead
0x3a592..  94  techno jungle under a poison sky
0x61a7a..  95  And make a bisque, tomato basil shit Riding a rhino, pico de gallo
0x44425..  96  hello
0xc2ede..  97  the little mermaid but in the style of beeple
0xcf348..  98  art is utility
0x217ff..  99  GMI
0x92820..  100  techno jungle under a poison sky
0x0d5f5..  101  decaying and rotten purple tree sprouting up in the middle of a drug fuelded teenager's bedroom in the middle of the night photorealistic
0xb96c4..  102  vitalik
0x6938d..  103  visceral enigma crossing the rainbow road
0xa18a3..  104  2 in the pink and 1 in the stink
0xbf948..  105  Sweating like a whore in church
0x04e28..  106  69420
0x23b17..  107  Underground BBS Warez
0xf8d8f..  108  I am the king of the world
0x52a66..  109  What's good
0xec9dd..  110  What's good
0xc0ed0..  111  What's good
0x923f5..  112  lost samurai in the corrupted realm of tengoku
0x86582..  113  gm!
0x7c03b..  114  deafbeef
0x3ac47..  115  Here’s a message to the newborns, waiting to breathe. If u believe than u can achieve. Just look at me.”
0x4b596..  116  distorted samurai being pulled through interdimensional rift into rotting forest
0x007ce..  117  ratio to sneakyninjapants
0x10368..  118  2 in the pink and 1 in the stink
0xd911f..  119  kick the tires and light the fires
0x43ad5..  120  For Sale Baby shoes never worn
0x01130..  121  deafbeef deafbeef deafbeef deafbeef deafbeef deafbeef
0x9f07b..  122  decaying and rotten purple tree sprouting up in the middle of a drug fuelded teenager's bedroom in the middle of the night photorealistic
0x18f0c..  123  welcome! who's on the other end?
0xafd91..  124  Could you call me back please
0xa9e53..  125  ravioli ravioli
0x7c7c0..  126  I am sitting in a room different from the one you are in now. I am recording the sound of my speaking voice and I am going to play it back
0xd1026..  127  I am sitting in a room different from the one you are in now. I am recording the sound of my speaking voice and I am going to play it back
0x7d5b0..  128  hello world !
0x49d08..  129  weed
0x3c013..  130  your biggest regret
0xc86e1..  131  whispers of trees fighting for land and green
0xb54d8..  132  The Transfiguration of Jesus in the style of Beeple circa 1700s
0x1e381..  133  Speculative Piano
0x324ba..  134  Trololololol, lololol, lololol, Oh ha ha ha oh!
0xd3de5..  135  ar art is still art
0x1417a..  136  supachimp dannyshelby and alexb say hi
0x21153..  137  Knock knock. Who's there. Boo hoo. Boo hoo hoo. Why are you crying?
0x3f8da..  138  ITS ME YOUR MOM
0x64a76..  139  this is not a scam you have been chosen for a once in a lifetime opportunity please provide ETH pass phrase to claim
0x65693..  140  join the army
0xba0cd..  141  Beef the Beef to Deaf
0x4479b..  142  Metal skulls in a post human world, a castle made of machine scraps
0xabcb9..  143  shoutout to anonymice
0x77ea4..  144  a very sneaky cat
0x68c62..  145  a moody portrait of deafbeef in the style of Ansel Adams
0x4a7f4..  146  welcome to good burger, home of the goodburger, can i take your order?
0x9ecdf..  147  12027953213
0x209ec..  148  if it is what it is, then what is it?
0xd6ff9..  149  blur, the institutional grade trading platform for digital asset arbitrageurs
0x1bd2b..  150  create a simple physical embodiment of the kind of empty you hear in seashells
0xcda66..  151  time is money
0x09a3e..  152  We Gonna Make It
0x106e5..  153  Is your refrigerator running?
0x610a4..  154  decentralization is the future
0xfa682..  155  thoughtboi tweet on music NFTs in the style of Coopahtroopa
0xfa8fb..  156  I have a specific set of skills
0x160ed..  157  Hello
0xdeb66..  158  web3
0x53514..  159  the first ethereum phone call crowdsourced messages livestreamed on youtube
0x3b2b5..  160  Have you heard of LIGMA? Ligma on Deez Nuts
0xc1790..  161  Why The Merge Failed. A Short Story.
0xc8199..  162  craig wright is satoshi
0x7d1bb..  163  Why The Merge Failed. A Short Story.
0x2e1c6..  164  wow insane quality
0xfd700..  165  Hello
0xf76ac..  166  I am behind you
0xd09e3..  167  Why The Merge Failed. A Short Story.
0x5e9c4..  168  wow insane quality
0xbd34a..  169  Hello
0x7aeb0..  171  is it a matrix?
0xcf645..  172  Art is good
0x189c1..  173  Hello
0xcfcda..  174  Ethereum Merge? Get Ready for the Surge, Verge, Purge, Splurge, and Bulge Says Vitalik Buterin
0x96ad2..  175  Hello
0xfa4e9..  176  wow insane quality
0x72a3a..  177  Hiboshi is Hentai I love Hentai every day every night
0x41af0..  178  Seize the Memes of Production
0x4b433..  179  Robot baby
0xd4272..  180  hangup
0x11fb1..  181  glory hole, fake news, truth, isolation, sophia, punk, HODL FOMO mooning ape, sex masks curfew WHO vaccines gamestop AI FUD whale bag holder
0xcfef3..  182  Astronaut Lover Boy
0x437d2..  183  hey man
0x6cd21..  184  Houston, we have a problem!
0x8ebe2..  185  first
0xc7b51..  186  the feeling of being awake within a dream
0xbeca1..  187  mom came into my room to bring me a plate of chicken nuggs & I literally screamed at her & hit the plate of chicken nuggets out of her hand
0xac8e1..  189  HahaHahaHahaHahaHahaHaha
0xfa1a8..  190  ground control to major tom
0xe51e4..  191  what is the meaning of life
0x1c946..  192  Break the Simulation
0xbe584..  193  Don't pretend to be entitled to financial compensation if you or a loved one hasn't even been diagnosed with mesothelioma
0x4048d..  194  Hello DEAFBEEF
0xca83e..  195  WHAT YA DOING
0x9c182..  196  Normalize saying "dub" (instead of "double-yoo") as the name of the letter W. All letters deserve a one-syllable name.
0x9ba07..  197  Please Don't Ping Me
0x80738..  198  Grandma guess what? I made it on Deafbeef's payphone. I always told you I could do it. Thanks for always believing in me
0xc4d37..  199  Monkey JPEGs
0xa508a..  200  last
0x0bb51..  201  Motivated by the importance of maximum permanence for NFT art, I propose a new method for efficient on chain storage of media files
0xa96de..  202  thou mayest
0x77615..  203  I propose instead to store self contained code written in C language that directly outputs raw numerical data encodable to media
0xbc34c..  204  Why is my pizza late?
0xe4816..  205  I know you did it
0x3b90b..  206  print("0xDEAFBEEF")
0xd09ae..  207  Repetition
0x171ed..  208
0x23e72..  209  When I grow up, I want to be an NFT
0x4166b..  210  If people do not believe that mathematics is simple, it is only because they do not realize how complicated life is.” said John von Neumann
0x4d17d..  211  THIS WORLD IS CRUEL
0xdbe5f..  212  Insufficient Funds
0x93316..  213  this is a story about a fox who weaves a bag out of dragonhide. she carries it with her and in it she collects all of her things. she feels, like children do with their prized possessions that it is magic. over time she grows quite attached to it. then one day she opens it and inside is a…memory. How did this get here? she thinks... The next day — more memories, her memories, inside the bag She begins to experiment: What else can I put inside this bag? She takes her art and puts it in the bag She imagines her home and put it in the bag. She takes the warmth of the fire and puts it in the bag... Day after day, year after year, the Fox continues to fill the bag, its magical depths seemingly infinite. She takes the rivers and valleys and puts them in the bag She takes her energy and puts it in the bag She takes her her Anger and her Fury and puts it in the bag. She takes her hunger and puts it in the bag. She takes her hopes and her longing and her Wonders…and she put them in the bag. As she grows old, she carries the bag with her wherever she goes. One night, she dreams of a girl with freckles and multicolored eyes. The girl finds her bag. And the girl takes her bag. But, the fox is not dismayed. The fox feels that it’s right. Her eyes closed, the fox put her dream in the bag.
0x59834..  214  And then the day came, when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
0x8338b..  215  Hi there! I'm xnxkillswitch
0x24a3e..  216  0
0x0669e..  217  GMGM
0x189b0..  218  Life is pain but I'm grateful to be alive
0x861b5..  219  Hello, this is a collect call from Ontario Correctional Institute for Deafbeef. Say yes if you would like to accept
0x573ca..  220  Going to be a Big Week
0x31abf..  221  இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ—
0xf5bd1..  222  probably nothing.
0x8b6dd..  223  Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down