BEEF-E (Payphone) is a human intelligence model* that generates art from any prompt you give!** Or just call to say hi.

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Prompts now support beep syntax, allowing sounds/melodies to be embedded within the spoken text.
Example: Hello, I will sing this song [ c d e f g ] Did you like it?

*of questionable quality

**Lead times may vary. Delivery not guaranteed.

Prompts now support beep syntax, allowing sounds/melodies to be embedded within the spoken text.

*excluding ETH transaction gas costs

Past Sessions

Fresh Mints

To date, 29, calls have been interpreted as prompts, minted, and offered for sale to the original prompter for the cost of materials and labor as detailed in the included receipt.
Token 0
Prompter: 0xF3C8B978107690418D26F0f049dbe5D3EeF7704C
Purchased for $302.45 USDC
Token 1
Prompter: 0x63748140C409b490952c37daE5a60715Bf915129
Purchased for $220.51 USDC
Token 2
Prompter: 0x3B3525F60eeea4a1eF554df5425912c2a532875D
Purchased for $152.10 USDC
Token 3
Prompter: 0x4718ce007293bCe1E514887E6F55ea71d9A992d6
Purchased for $314.22 USDC
Token 4
Prompter: 0x27BF353D3BaC0932E74bf9C54E15eAe05728cC8d
Purchased for $110.00 USDC
Token 5
Prompter: 0x02C1ca960532947A45d40A752944cd9648cCF900
Purchased for $152.50 USDC
Token 6
Prompter: 0x6c3b81B7172DE556711971d08bfad82c689C7559
Purchased for $507.50 USDC
Token 7
Prompter: 0x6Cd8aF7445296213dB504e3631AE66b3808C4829
Purchased for $101.30 USDC
Token 8
Prompter: 0xfC2eE91D24Fd57Ab5D382C92818CcbCfeb854B56
Purchased for $103.30 USDC
Token 9
Prompter: 0x2c66b04965688C92E4487570b829796D090363C4
Purchased for $101.00 USDC
Token 10
Prompter: 0x100deA6f4ed670cB883298b45ad1dF6202619e45
Purchased for $103.00 USDC
Token 11
Prompter: 0x1f7A7BF4Edb61C142519FFffBB2775A4bcf844f6
Purchased for $101.00 USDC
Token 12
Prompter: 0xCAA7a7DC425cE8b94408AF7f6eD06295c86F28bc
Purchased for $126.09 USDC
Token 13
Prompter: 0x7ae2c7ca28575b3225DAcd91242Dae4420D17323
Purchased for $200.20 USDC
Token 14
Prompter: 0x05467eCEa464e1704c3Fd142ef9ba816BA7a7088
Purchased for $168.27 USDC
Token 15
Prompter: 0xDd1e6FEe5428F89391963aDC501D6a5fb9d9997E
Purchased for $100.09 USDC
Token 16
Prompter: 0x548F668D7c82c7F69d39a5C5A0E0A64071a2d602
Purchased for $525.00 USDC
Token 17
Prompter: 0x99fc8AD516FBCC9bA3123D56e63A35d05AA9EFB8
Purchased for $410.00 USDC
Token 18
Prompter: 0xE5E451a167Fe327F2Cb3A22de2B69AacA5E4910B
Purchased for $210.00 USDC
Token 19
Prompter: 0xba7CfbD459dfa75ddBB9901C661804D06fd4DBaC
Purchased for $339.95 USDC
Token 20
Prompter: 0x87b1D4F8EffBbB0139b9E0F0Ee1255569d6B1445
Purchased for $110.00 USDC
Token 21
Prompter: 0x8AD272Ac86c6C88683d9a60eb8ED57E6C304bB0C
Purchased for $202.02 USDC
Token 22
Prompter: 0x73bB73196Fd2B7dCD00263293Ef4f0D2f4e63603
Purchased for $305.52 USDC
Token 23
Prompter: 0xCC6c1D21e8474b3578E69eB036C712AB08fFdfBb
Purchased for $201.00 USDC
Token 24
Prompter: 0x65720Aa2959D745a2a24bC779f05100A0217d905
Purchased for $202.00 USDC
Token 25
Prompter: 0x7BD4fB369068F29A15c159b27fA66f3E628eeFd4
Purchased for $210.50 USDC
Token 26
Prompter: 0x74878a3AD272A3064A2AEe30C038836F2504A377
Purchased for $103.00 USDC
Token 27
Prompter: 0xbdD7A605087A8cAe1f6ebaDef43b6d0e69608426
Purchased for $102.00 USDC
Token 28
Prompter: 0x7Dd583B08Ada36f9307F2c154830322853d5B7b8
Purchased for $100.00 USDC


Lazlo Moholy-Nagy claimed to have created 'Telephone Pictures' in the 1920s by transmitting voice instructions to a local enamel factory via telephone. Text-to-image AI models are the latest in a long list of technologies to raise questions about authorship and definitions of art.

For 25 GWei, you can call the BEEF factory to place an order. Proof-of-receipt will be livestreamed. Lead time may vary, with no guarantees. At operator's discretion, some prompts will be chosen to initiate a process to create something. The operator may employ subcontractors. Multiple draft designs may be presented for feedback through voting. On completion, the result and and documentation of its creation will be minted for sale, with right of first refusal offer to the original prompter.

Payphone helps me deal with my anxieties: reclaiming agency by putting a filter on my communication, and overcoming choice paralysis by interpreting the instructions of others, absolving myself of authorship.

Many artists I have spoken to feel overwhelmed by the 24/7 social media cycle and associated expectations. Constant bombardment of fragmented information through multiple communication channels, decision paralysis and burnout in the face of too many possibilities, race against technological advancements, competition for attention, performance expectation, brand alignment, fragmented time, and social comparisons.

I remember a time when it was much easier to put boundaries on one's attention, control one's own pace, maintain a focus independent of any audience or any awareness of what others were doing.

For brief periods, I will return to this condition, shutting off all communication channels. If you want to reach me, you can call me on the blockchain during predefined hours of availability.