Token 12: Shell Portrait

Token Id: 12
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Session: Night, Sep 26 2022
Dial id: 605
Dialer: 0xCAA7a7DC425cE8b94408AF7f6eD06295c86F28bc 
Dial TX: 0x5a779b2744f83b4f5422fde42f9916c33152f7a7e9cc33e61f6c207f13b6a750 
Message: Self portrait. Shell portrait. Shelve portrait.
This token has not yet been claimed. It has been offered via private listing to the original dialer 0xCAA7a7DC425cE8b94408AF7f6eD06295c86F28bc for $126.09 USDC.

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Private listings expire after 30 days, at which time the token will be publicly listed or auctioned.