Session 2: Night, Sep 26 2022

There were 142 calls on this day. 1 of those calls have been interpreted as prompts, minted, and offered for sale to the original prompter for the cost of materials and labor.

Token Id: 12
Dial Id: 605
Shell Portrait

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Call Log

TX Id Timestamp
0x44b10..  480  raving platypus
0x34dac..  481  That gum you like is going to come back in style.
0xd226e..  482  blast off
0xe8822..  483  Life is like a box of chocolates
0x277dd..  484  kek bur
0xb57dd..  485  no go
0xd8480..  486  lets go
0xb1e74..  487  The best of both worlds
0x94f8f..  488  lets work
0x8ed98..  489  For those we have lost, and for those we may yet save.
0x8ab0b..  490  It takes a powerful imagination to see a thing for what it truly is
0xe84de..  491  in the black
0xe9c28..  492  sup dawg
0xe634e..  493  Teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea
0xa393d..  494  lets work
0xfce94..  495  good evening, friend
0x63efc..  496  can you draw a landscape painting
0x016fb..  497  Wish me a Happy Birthday
0x8b4a6..  498  A prison without bars
0x264ff..  499  The Bear market
0xba711..  500  computer code learning that life is beautiful
0x7090c..  501  The you Tube feed is mute. We cant hear anything! By the way make me a silent film.
0xc05fa..  502  2
0x9feaa..  503  The pressure won, depression often presses on. Melancholy
0x5cbae..  504  886
0xcf76a..  505  honor the call center business hours
0xa90d4..  506  Tumbleweeds blowing across the Walmart floors.
0xcba32..  507  fuck
0x6d7ee..  508  6969911
0x9e946..  509  It takes a powerful imagination to see a thing for what it truly is
0xb3167..  510  paging the operator during business hours only
0x9e207..  511  Who is manbi
0xe4745..  512  bears are for building
0xe198a..  513  northbound star field
0x7bd78..  514  always respect the pay phone operational hours
0xc093f..  515  hello world
0x2740b..  516  lets fucking go
0x31c45..  517  down bad
0xf84aa..  518  good morning fam
0x05b44..  519  financial freedom
0xdc625..  520  hello world
0x8b09e..  521  love nft
0x1a791..  522  hello world
0x20d86..  523  down bad
0x11c22..  524  how are you bro ?
0xcb8e8..  525  A quest to find your purpose, knowing your end is assured
0xbc368..  526  A wandering soul wants to be home. Without understanding everything comes and goes
0x290ca..  527  financial freedom
0x4bb7b..  528  a pickle in a crisis
0xb46c1..  529  Posture check and water break
0x613b2..  530  Fish fry their fish fry.
0xf5a7b..  531  What kind of beef is a deafbeef
0x9c0ed..  532  fomo
0xaa4a0..  533  Markus
0x324d4..  534  B T C Pumping. You got to pump it up
0x3293a..  535  All our lines are busy at the moment. please be patient. God will be with you momentarily...
0x72026..  536  super ink burst
0x7742f..  537  Walking on the sea
0x43c74..  538  The call is coming from inside the dwarf fortress
0x169a1..  539  I will be sharing some of my past work, and talking about motivation for my process
0xc05e4..  540  History will remember us as pioneers or fools, but either way, be proud of your courage to leap into the unknown abyss!
0x3f8fc..  541  dubai turkey
0x80259..  542  historical compression artifact collection
0x9f44f..  543  dragon butt
0x1e5b4..  544  wtf
0xfcbab..  545  manbi
0xc29ef..  546  manbi
0x1a374..  547  I started working with minimal tech (laptop, text editor, C compiler) to avoid the "moving target"
0x63e74..  548  bruhhhh
0xde4ca..  549  milo
0x4d84c..  550  0x1Dc7AF8739C02B757aC9b3ba92Ab561dE7E3aF25
0xe3ec0..  551  who is manbi
0x3123c..  552  11:11, make a wish!
0x51453..  553  a dog pinata filled with spicy Chilli
0xdd578..  554  yiksun
0xe711a..  555  Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
0x83395..  556  Amor Fati
0x71629..  557  Requires incremental siglo VI
0xef329..  558  whatever dude
0x59dc7..  559  you are correct, now spell leisure
0x939b3..  560  autocad
0x602bd..  561  A hurricane of sound
0x5df7e..  562  patek philippe
0x1bfb2..  563  go and touch grass
0x11da1..  564  Leave the gun, Take the Cannoli
0x57b14..  565  a bleeding sunset
0x3c38b..  566  i'm rekt by internet pictures
0x706f4..  567  Make a happy face pancake.
0x4a086..  568  Hi diivee
0x9c33d..  569  It's time to tell stories to employees
0x3e6d6..  570  I want to trade my Bored Ape for a crypto punk and a mutant ape. Any takers?
0xb7957..  571  Until the heavens fall, until our last breath
0x0bf09..  572  weary lies the head that wears a crown
0x383b9..  573  what kind of soup you making?
0xc7eda..  574  The call is coming from inside the dwarf fortress.
0x526d5..  575  I love you. I got you. I got everything.
0x6afe1..  576  DILDAO. Lets get our Degen on
0x2d29e..  577  what if we kissed behind the 7 11?
0x17567..  578  Mr. Deafbeef, come here, I want you.
0x26194..  579  but why male models?
0xe1038..  580  we are such things as dreams are made on
0x35c3e..  581  ciki ciki bam bam
0xb6e66..  582  buy my jay pegs before they go to zero, please. sir.
0xd3bc1..  583  i feel you
0x7e381..  584  generative walking
0x386d1..  585  Shoutout to the peeps at Gene_sis! Love you snails!
0xe76f2..  586  dead
0xffc77..  587  better luck next time
0xbd09f..  588  gm
0x5cd02..  589  i love you
0x6be83..  590  wish me luck
0xc2dd2..  591  lfg boisss
0xfb713..  592  fat boy eat all day
0xb3c2d..  593  Bozos, Have a ding dong day!
0x4b788..  594  this is a good day to work
0xc6471..  595  Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day. Give a man Twitter, and he will forget to eat and starve to death.
0xe7a5c..  596  a rare blue pineapple
0x0154d..  597  1
0x17ed5..  598  One heroic dose of physician
0xb90a5..  599  23
0x2144d..  600  Humans are the reproductive organs of technology
0x54a67..  601  i am here right now and this is proof i was there back then
0xe270a..  602  Bake me a loaf of bread - love breadbot
0x7761b..  603  Show us your favorite casual meal
0xd9d11..  604  dokwonexit
0x5a779..  605  Self portrait. Shell portrait. Shelve portrait.
0x96051..  606  waifumeta
0xe90d1..  607  waifumeta
0x00504..  608  Pepe Szn
0xc5555..  609  waifumeta
0x14165..  610  Mr. Watson. Come here. I want to see you
0x89706..  611  gm from your secret friend
0xcd1da..  612  Tickle monster!
0x923f4..  613  lifechanging hotsauce
0x23aa0..  614  recursion
0xc6d0e..  615  WGMI or NGMI?
0x6a2e8..  616  Hello world
0x3b574..  617  I am doe quon and am in a safe place right now.
0xe40cb..  618  dosprompt
0xbf599..  619  Follow Pastel Alpha
0x9c2e5..  620  Follow Pastel Alpha
0xebc01..  621  What art is amazing