Token 13: Flip a Coin

Token Id: 13
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Session: Garage, Jan 19 2023
Dial id: 652
Dialer: 0x7ae2c7ca28575b3225DAcd91242Dae4420D17323 
Dial TX: 0x438bafc24db8137688e9834ac496ac45e26d3c76d235b8941a9622a5b7848275 
Message: flip a coin. best two out of three. I pick heads [ (b b c c c g b e e e g a5 a g4):0.1*12 ] good luck
This token has not yet been claimed. It has been offered via private listing to the original dialer 0x7ae2c7ca28575b3225DAcd91242Dae4420D17323 for $200.20 USDC.

If you are the dialer, Click here to purchase on Opensea for $200.20 USDC

Private listings expire after 30 days, at which time the token will be publicly listed or auctioned.