Token 15: An AI Piece of ART

Token Id: 15
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Session: Snow, Feb 23 2023
Dial id: 840
Dialer: 0xDd1e6FEe5428F89391963aDC501D6a5fb9d9997E 
Dial TX: 0xa0ad49af74cbaacb6dc391b61f3d64d10583b0365a570f0a9b5828159a22c9a0 
Message: Hello, can you generate me an AI piece of art?
This token has not yet been claimed. It has been offered via private listing to the original dialer 0xDd1e6FEe5428F89391963aDC501D6a5fb9d9997E for $100.09 USDC.

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Private listings expire after 30 days, at which time the token will be publicly listed or auctioned.